Walking in Memphis…

Listening to this tune as I pack for a trip to Missouri is reminding me of my trip to Memphis last week. I’m going to try to use some of my free time from this fellowship to edit a few of the photos I took on the trip. When they’re ready, I’ll put them up on the photo blog.

This is an old tune by W.C. Handy that put Beale Street (or Beale Ave. as it was known then, they changed the name after this song came out) on the map.

Beale Street was okay, but it’s a pretty touristy today. It was cool to walk the same streets as some of the blues, jazz and early rock legends, but there’s not a ton of the old scene left.

But Memphis is a city that does a good job of putting its history on display. Sun Studio, Stax Museum, the Civil Rights Museum are all fantastic.

But this was the gem of the trip.

More photos and stories to come.


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